When is a Weed Exactly What You Need?

For the last several years, I have learned a lot about herbs and herbal medicine. I am not an expert, but I’ve learned enough to use some of the medicinal herbs with a little bit of adeptness. One of my favorite herbs is comfrey. I have used it successfully on burns. A friend of mine had a comfrey plant and gave me a cutting to start my own. Most people see comfrey and think it is a weed. It really grows incredibly and benign neglect has led to a very large plant. Technically, I guess it is a weed. I have mine in a contained area to prevent too much growth, but I don’t see it as a weed. I see it as a beautiful source for healing.

A Weed Exactly at the Right Time

A few years ago, I was canning applesauce and one of the jars of hot applesauce exploded onto my hand. I was instantly burned. Quickly, I ran my hand under some cold water and then turned to my herbs. I ingested a small amount of cayenne to help reduce shock. Then I mixed slippery elm and comfrey with water and put the mixture on my burn. My burn left no lasting scars. The weeds that I used that day helped me solve the problem of the burn. The weed worked.

A Lesson in the Weeds

Often in life, we see our personal talents (or even ourselves) as weeds, unwanted or unnecessary. What if a weed is what is needed though? What if you have the ability to bring about a positive change in those around you? Sometimes a weed exactly solves the problem at hand.

If you are looking around and feel different or unable to blend in, maybe it is okay. Maybe your talents solve an important problem. You won’t know if you don’t reach out and try to use your talents and skills.


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