What Children Learn

What Children Learn From Their Parents’ Marriage: It May be Your Marriage, but its Your Child’s Blueprint for Intimacy

I have this great book to share with you. Decades ago, it was common for people to stay together in a struggling marriage for the sake of their children. Now, our culture has swung in a different direction. Today people commonly urge others to divorce when a marriage is struggling. People see this decision as being for the sake of the children.

Children Learn From Us

As humans, we often seek a one size fits all answer to complicated questions. But, the answers to complicated questions are usually complicated too. Luckily, this book shows seven different elements in marriage that impact your child’s emotional health. With this book, you can really see how children are affected by your marriage.

As I read What Children Learn, I was able to see some areas in my marriage that I could improve. I also felt a lot better about some of the good things that we were already doing. If you ever wonder how your children are influenced by your marriage, this book will answer those questions. It will also give you ideas about how to do better.


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