Top 5 Posts of 2017

I’ve experienced so much personal growth this last year, and I shared a lot of it here on the blog. So many great posts were visited this year and here’s a list of the top 5 posts of 2017.

Letting Go of Perfection

This post is a newer one, so I was surprised to see it show up so high on the list. It is such a powerful topic though, that I am excited so many people have benefited from reading it. It is all about letting go of our idealized perfect in order to create something so much better and more authentic.

Belling the Cat: A Leadership Lesson

In this post, I share one of Aesop’s fables and what it taught me about leadership. You guys, this is a great one! We can learn so much from the stories we encounter. I especially love it when they teach a lesson about being a leader.

Books I Love to Hate

Occasionally, I will come across a book that I really hate, but I just can’t stop reading it. Maybe it is a book that I am reading for book club. It could be a classic that I want to understand, but I am not enjoying. I call this small selection of books the “books I love to hate.” This post is all about those books.

Family Work: No More Chore Systems

This is one of my most popular posts ever. Because all us of struggle to get the basics of life accomplished. After all, laundry is just never ending, isn’t it? In this post, I share how our family has transformed how we deal with the daily tasks. Over time we’ve created a more workable approach that can benefit your family too.

Embracing Abundance

In the last year, I’ve been striving to embrace abundance. I’ve unhooked myself from most of the financial worries that previously caused me anxiety. As I have made this shift, I’ve discovered how much abundance I was overlooking. This post is all about my journey towards embracing abundance.

There you have it: my top 5 posts of 2017.  If you haven’t read them yet, please go check them out today. It’s been awesome! You might have noticed that some of these posts are from previous years, but they were still some of the most visited posts from this year. I love it that people are still finding some of my writings relevant. I can’t wait to share more with you in 2018.


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