Summer Schedule: Change of Pace

As the days lengthen and the heat rolls into town, our family takes stock of our current schedule and begins to make adjustments. I hope that your family does too. Even though not everything in life needs to be adjusted, we are about half way through the year and it is a good time to re-evaluate how our schedule and activities are working for us.

Summer Schedule: Shift with the Seasons

Our family homeschools, so we don’t experience the usual cessation of school. We typically keep some of our “school” subjects actively open during the summer, but we definitely make adjustments. There is a lot more flexibility in our schedule, with time for swimming and playing outdoors. Most adults have jobs that do not give them the summer off, but we can still take the time to adjust our activities to the new weather and opportunities.

One of my daughters has been waiting all winter/spring for the weather to get nice enough to go camping with Dad. She looked forward to this trip for months.  Together, their excitement to get out and camp together was fun to see. The two of them took hammocks and camped without a tent. They brought home some fun memories and enjoyed sharing the photos they took with the rest of the family.

We have several camps that are coming up this summer for the children in our home. This requires more summer schedule shifting. We don’t see this need for change as a negative, but as an opportunity to relax and enjoy life. Summers for us mean more evenings spent together, more time outdoors, and more fresh fruit to eat.

Things to Shift

Here are some ideas to look at adjusting as the seasons change:

  • Eating habits: So much fresh fruit and vegetables makes it easy to increase the good.
  • Sports: Adding or subtracting.
  • Exercise: Nice weather makes it easier to increase your movement.
  • Family stories: Campfires and cooler evenings after hot days make storytelling magical.
  • Trips: Build memories with a road trip or day trips. Go to exotic locations.
  • Exploring your town: Summer is a great time to learn more about the amazing things nearby.
  • Education: How will you continue to learn and grow this summer?
  • Habits: When the seasons change, it can be a natural time to add or eliminate some habits.

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