Revisiting the Miracle within My Trial

I first shared this story last year. Over time, I discovered that many people wanted to know more about how I was able to shift my thinking to discover the miracle within my trial. In addition to this article, I created a downloadable audio with ideas about how to shift your thinking in order to find your miracles in the midst of your trials. Find the audio here.¬†Today, I’m revisiting the miracle hidden within my trials in the hopes that you will be inspired to find the miracles within your trials.

Fourteen years ago, I had two small children. Money was tight and our vehicle was a small, blue beater. It often needed a jump start, had bald tires, and mostly ran on hope. During this time, my husband’s work sent him to Puerto Rico for a month. One day I had errands to run that required me to drive on the freeway.

I hopped on the freeway and began to accelerate. Suddenly, the hood of the car flew up and slammed into the windshield. The glass splintered into a giant spiderweb, but didn’t break. The hood bent just slightly, enough to maneuver the car to the side of the road.

I began crying. My children were also distressed. I managed to get out and open the trunk to look for some kind of tool to help with the situation. There was a monkey wrench, which I took to the hood and began using to try to bang it back into shape. I could see that the latch which held the hood closed had shifted over just enough that it no longer did the job.

As I was banging the hood of the car, trying to shape it back to a normal shape, a car slowed and stopped. Out stepped a man. He offered his assistance. His vehicle was stocked with bungee cords, which he used to help tie down my hood. Then, this stranger offered to follow me down the freeway until I could reach the next exit. I called a friend who lived near the next exit. My friend was home and happy to help me take the next steps to fixing our car.

A Hidden Miracle

For the next few months, I experienced anxiety when I drove on the freeway. It would be easy to say that was a rotten experience and leave it at that. However, I have thought a lot lately about how amazingly miraculous that experience truly was. It was a hidden miracle, mostly because I was thinking about the trial and not the miracle that accompanied it.

Last year, I wrote about the hidden miracles I came to recognize later. To read the full article, check it out here.

If you’d like to learn how to discover the miracles within your trials, check out my downloadable audio here.¬†

I hope you’ve enjoyed revisiting the miracle with me.



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