Reading Through Europe

Next summer, my teenage daughter and I will travel through Europe for 15 days. We’ve been counting down to this trip for a while now, and we are both very excited. To get us both ready, I’ve created a list of books that will help us better understand the places we are headed. I can not wait for this trip. We can’t wait to prepare for it with these amazing books.

Over the next several months, we will be reading through Europe together. I am so excited to learn more about these countries that we are going to visit! And I can’t wait to share this learning and travel with my daughter. One of my favorite things about mentoring my own children is being able to guide their learning in meaningful ways and this big adventure is one of them.

Reading through Europe

Here’s a list of the books we are reading, along with the country or city that we will visit.

First, we begin our reading with the book The Greater Journey by David McCullough. This book helps set the stage for why travel is important and broadens the mind. Even though Paris is not our fist stop on the trip, I think it fits.

Our first city is Amsterdam. We will be reading Diary of Anne Frank and Tulip Fever.

The next city on our trip is Heidelberg. Our books for this city are A Tramp Abroad and Those Who Save Us.

We will then head to Munich, for which we will read Doctor Faustus and Not So Happily Every After: The Tale of King Ludwig II.

After that, we travel to Venice. To prepare, we will read The Glassblower of Murano and The Venice Experiment.

Next, we will read Two Gentlemen of Verona for the day that we travel to Verona.

For our travel to Lucerne, we will peruse two very different books: Heidi and Frankenstein.

After Lucerne, we go to the Burgundy region and Paris. For this part of our trip, we will read The Hunchback of Notre Dame and The Little Paris Book Shop.

Next we head to London, for which we will read Bleak House and The House by the Thames.

Join us in Reading Through Europe

Even if you aren’t travelling to Europe with us next year, you can join us in reading through Europe. I created this list for my daughter and myself based on recommendations. The list is intended to spark interest in the history and literature about Europe. I have not yet read all of the titles, so proceed with a bit of caution. I’ll be updating here periodically.



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