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Melissa R. WolfeMelissa R. Wolfe helps others strengthen their families and communities through education and skill based training. She offers workshops and classes to help people build their relationships, gain confidence, and improve their lives. Melissa’s knowledge and experience in a variety of fields allows her to tailor her message to your event. Contact Melissa R. Wolfe by email at LeadershipConnectionsMentor@gmail.com to invite her to speak at your event.

Please check out the events page to see Melissa’s upcoming events, workshops, and classes.

Melissa has published a book on kindle: Build Leadership Skills with Simulations. She has writings available for download in this website’s shop. Look for Melissa’s current and past blog articles on the side bar of this page.  To see Melissa on Youtube, click here. One of Melissa’s upcoming projects is a resource guide which helps people learn and study about and for their life mission.

Mentoring is one of Melissa’s favorite things, whether it is group mentoring such as her Loving Your Man Every Day 6 Week Challenge or one on one mentoring with individuals. If you would like to be mentored by Melissa please contact her at LeadershipConnectionsMentor@gmail.com