Who is Mentor of Leaders?

Melissa R. WolfeMy name is Melissa R. Wolfe. I help others strengthen their families and communities through education and skill based training. I love to offer workshops and classes to help people build their relationships. I began offering the Treasure Valley Homeschool Conference in 2016, and that event happens yearly in February. My Mothers Retreat has taken place in the spring since 2013. Please check out my events page  to see what exciting things I have coming up for you.

Back in the year 2000, I began putting on workshops at college as a paraprofessional while I worked on my undergraduate degree in Psychology. It was also around that time that my oldest child learned to read at the age of three and a half. I started to think about her education and learned about homeschooling. I knew it was the right fit for us, and we have homeschooled ever since. A few years later, I recieved my Masters in Counseling. During that time I developed workshops for couples and parents. I also had three children by the time I finished my degree. After a lot of discussion, my husband and I decided that I would continue to homeschool our children rather than working outside the home. We added another child (that’s four, total) to our family, and along the way I discovered a lot more about education and leadership.

I currently serve on the board of a homeschool co-op in my area. I have been priviledged to work primarily with the youth ages 12 and up in our group as I have taught classes. One of the exciting classes that I have been able to offer has been a simulations class. In that class, I saw youth develop many leadership qualities and gain confidence. I also run a simulation once a year for our mothers book group, Mothers Who Know.

This blog is intended to help others as they mentor those that they hope will become leaders of the future. Feel free to contact me with questions.