Life Lessons from Little Britches

Last month my book club read the book Little Britches. It is the third time I’ve read this book, and I get something different out of it each time. This book teaches so many life lessons.┬áThe boy in this book, Ralph Moody, shares the story of his family coming west and setting up a new farm.

One of my favorite lessons in this book is when Ralph lies to his parents. He puts himself in danger with his lie. His father talks to Ralph about how every person has a “character house” and our actions over time create our character. Ralph’s father has several of these easy to understand explanations to help Ralph learn.

Ralph’s mother helps the children love learning by reading interesting books and reciting exciting poetry. Several times throughout the book, Ralph remembers some of the poetry and literature, often making good choices because of his mother’s influence.

Hard Work and Family

Throughout Little Britches, Ralph works hard and learns to love working hard. You see Ralph start out the book without being much help to his parents. Over time he transitions to being a hard worker and building some important skills. Another life lesson in the book is the importance of family. We see how influential Ralph’s parents are to helping him learn and grow as a person.

If you haven’t read Little Britches, you really should. I left out a lot of the really great parts because I want you to experience this gem for yourself.


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