Letting Go of Perfection

I drew this sunflower with my left hand. I love it so much, because it represents freedom from perfection.

So much of our lives are spent comparing ourselves to others. But we aren’t fair to ourselves. We compare our flaws to other’s strengths. Our struggle to another’s finished product. We are our own harshest critics.

I was recently at a women’s retreat when a speaker handed us each a blank sheet of paper. We drew with our non-dominant hands, copying a lovely sunflower. I’ve always struggled with art. Over the years, I’ve told myself that I wasn’t good at drawing. But there was something different that day. I didn’t care about perfection because I didn’t plan on it. I knew my left hand wouldn’t make a perfect drawing. Instead, I chose to concentrate on the details. I just tried to do my best. The result was incredible.

Progress, Not Perfection

My drawing turned out better than I originally imagined it would. Why? Because I let go of a standard of perfection, and simply did my best. I didn’t compare my work to others in the room.

This is a lesson for us all. If we will let go of our idea of perfection, we can actually free ourselves. We will be willing to risk mistakes, which may to lead to beautiful results. Just like my left handed sunflower.


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    I love this. When I was in college I took an art class. We had to draw a self portrait but the teacher made us take a picture of ourselves pulling a funny face then we drew the funny face. We are our own worst critics. So take out the way it’s supposed to look and you get freedom. I think that is why I’m an art quilter. I can break the rules.

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