Kitchen Chemistry at Co-op

One of my favorite places to explore chemistry is in the kitchen! This term, our homeschool co-op has a class that is about kitchen chemistry and the science of it all.

Kitchen Chemistry is So Good

We learned about insulation by making Baked Alaska. It doesn’t get much cooler than that. We started with large chocolate chip cookies and placed ice cream on top in the middle. We used meringue to cover the ice cream and popped it in the oven. You really have to be careful to get the meringue thick enough and fully covering the ice cream. Otherwise, your ice cream is going to melt. We had a few that leaked a bit, but even those ones still had mostly frozen ice cream. That day in class was my favorite so far. It illuminated the way insulation works. Plus, ice cream and cookies!

Kitchen ChemistryWe also took advantage of the Easter season to learn all about dyeing eggs and the chemistry involved in that process. When you are able to eat your results, it definitely keeps you engaged and interested until the end of the project.

Mentor Moms at Play

One of the fun things about a co-op is to see moms embracing new things and using their excitement to inspire the children and youth. An excited Mentor Mom is good for everyone. One excited adult creates interest in the topic for most children.

In our classes, we always have one or two other moms in the room to help out. I’ve been helping in the kitchen chemistry class, so I’ve seen the learning happen in real time. It is so awesome to see a mom ignite the interest of youth in one of the more intricate subjects.

What kitchen chemistry experiment can you try out today?


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