Just Keep Swimming

“Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming.” I often repeat this refrain to myself when things get difficult. Because if there is one thing that is certain, it is that tough times will happen to us. That is just part of life. Some days will be a bit difficult and some will be over the top rough.

When it seems hard, we can choose to keep doing the small things that move us forward. In order to keep moving forward, we can choose small but measurable actions each day.

In order to keep swimming forward, it is helpful to know where forward is. There’s a great moment in the book Alice in Wonderland where Alice asks the Cheshire Cat which road she should take. The Cheshire Cat responds by asking Alice where she wants to end up. When she says she doesn’t know the Cheshire Cat states that it really doesn’t matter which road she takes then. I love this part of the book because it is such a powerful truth. If we hope to “get somewhere” it helps to know what destination we are seeking.

In my last blog post, I talked about the mentoring program I recently participated in. One of the biggest benefits I gained from that experience was recognizing (again) how important it was to have a goal I am working towards. A destination in mind. I also learned how important small, daily actions taken towards the goal can be. A large step once a week is much less effective than daily actions that are small. I have learned this lesson before, and I am fairly sure I’ll have to learn it again.

The important thing is, even if you struggle, you pick yourself back up and just keep swimming.


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