Human Body Adventures

One day when my daughter was five years old, I asked her what she wanted to learn about. I was surprised to hear her response: the human body. I didn’t know then that this would develop into an ongoing passion for this daughter. We found some fun resources and got started learning the basics. At that time it was just fun exploring and learning. Both of us enjoyed learning about the body and how it works together.

My daughter’s thirst for knowledge about the body grew as she grew. She wants all the information available. Personally, I like learning about the human body but I don’t have the same passion and drive as she does.

body adventures

Resources to explore

I never thought that she would continue to have such an interest in the human body, but I have done all I can to meet her where she is and help her learn more. Some of the fun resources we have found are below:

Human body activity books by Donald M. Silver Get hands on projects to increase understanding. Great for young children.

Janice VanCleave’s The Human Body for Every Kid Experiments for kids using mostly materials you will have around the house.

Science books by April Chloe Terrazas These books have the real names of bones, muscles, organs, etc accompanied with simple drawings. Best for those who have learned some of the basics.




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