Growth Mindset

Have you ever noticed that the way you handle situations often seems to rub off on those around you? Several years ago, I was introduced to the concept of a growth mindset at a conference. I loved the concept in theory immediately. However, implementing a growth mindset takes time and practice. I learned that you will have days it seems impossible. Luckily, having a growth mindset is not like a light switch that you turn on or off once. It is more like a compass which guides you on your journey. This means that if you lose your way, you can adjust.

One example of a moment in which I adjusted my mindset is one I’ve shared a bit about before. I earned my first ever speeding ticket, after driving for almost 20 years. I deserved that ticket, yet I was very cranky about it at first. When the officer cited me, I felt that I had been wronged. Shortly after that, I began to realize that the ticket was a good thing. I had been speeding that day. When I was honest with myself, I recognized it was part of a pattern I had developed of driving carelessly. I had not caused any accidents. But who wants to do that before they examine their driving? Immediately, I adjusted my driving. Moving forward, I began to see how the ticket was actually a good thing because it prompted a change for the better.

Utilizing a Growth Mindset

The key to maintaing a growth mindset, for me, is to recognize when I am blaming others or my circumstances. Once I realiz that I am blaming something else for my troubles, I start to look for what I can change or improve. It may be a small thing, but I can always change my attitude. Often, I can change much more than my attitude, and I can begin to improve my situation right away.

Maintaining a growth mindset is a process. You’ll have days where you struggle. And that’s okay. Just pay attention to who or what you are blaming for your struggles and then look for the things you can adjust. If I can do it, you can too!



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