Group Mentoring: What I’ve Gained

I just finished up participating in a twelve week group mentoring program. It was intense and exciting. I accomplished a lot during the twelve weeks. First, I just want to say that everyone can benefit from more mentoring in their lives. You might be thinking, “Wait? I thought you were a mentor?” Yes, I am a mentor. And mentors continue to benefit from other people who can help them move towards their goals.

In the group mentoring program I recently completed, we had 6 am phone calls daily on week days. A larger group was on the call on Mondays. The rest of the week, it was just a team of six people. Each day we had to say one action step that we would take that day and report on our previous day’s action step. Having this daily accountability was a huge benefit. I accomplished every action step, but some days this was motivated mostly by the fact that I was going to have to check in with the group.

The people that I met with on the phone daily were a fabulous support in achieving my goals. I listened as they shared their action steps and struggles. We encouraged each other when we were unmotivated. While some of our goals were the same, each person was free to progress at their own pace.

As I progressed toward my goals, I discovered that I was achieving more in all the areas of my life. Even the ones I wasn’t actively setting goals for. Also, I noticed some areas that I could set better boundaries. And I did. Even when it was hard.

Group Mentoring Ahead

Now the twelve weeks are finished and the program has ended. I succeeded. In addition, I learned some exciting things about myself and about achieving goals. I will participate in group mentoring again, and I know that it will be a growth experience that is worth it.

I continue to have big goals and dreams that I am working towards and I hope that you do too. Consider joining a group that helps you stay motivated and accountable.


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