Embracing Abundance

In the last year, I’ve been striving to embrace abundance. I’ve unhooked myself from most of the financial worries that previously caused me anxiety. As I have made this shift, I’ve discovered how much abundance I was overlooking.

For several years, we experienced frequent vehicle troubles. It happened so often that one of my friends said she thought I had experienced enough to cover me for a lifetime. I never once sat on the side of the road without a stranger stopping to offer help. They were always kind and genuinely offering support, cell phones, and suggestions. Once a gentleman changed my tire for me, and sometimes people helped to move my vehicle to a safer location. These angels and helpers came right when I needed them.

Several years ago, I was looking for a piano. I casually mentioned to several people that I was looking for one. And then I waited. Within a couple of weeks, a friend posted on social media that she was giving away her piano. I was grateful to receive it.

We needed a new vehicle recently and I sat down to think about exactly what our need was. My husband and I talked about the amount we could pay for a vehicle if we were able to purchase it for cash right away. That very day we were chatting with an acquaintance who mentioned they were trying to sell a vehicle for half the price we were hoping to pay. We purchased the vehicle happily. It has been a blessing.

Recently, I was hoping to get some metal folding chairs. I wanted to own ten or so of them. This wasn’t a priority purchase, so I didn’t purchase them. I did a bit of research on cost and looked online. I mentioned this desire to one of two people and then just carried on with life. Last week, I was gifted 14 metal folding chairs in excellent condition.

There these experiences were like a trail of breadcrumbs, showing me that help was always there when I needed it. I get to choose where I focus my thoughts and energy, and so do you. Please, join me in rejoicing in and embracing the abundance that surrounds us all.



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