Driving Through Fire

Last weekend, I drove “home” to my parents house. My mother had open heart surgery and was home from the hospital. I decided to go help out for a few days and headed there. About an hour outside of Portland, the air became very smoky. I began to be a bit concerned, because it was clear there was a forest fire nearby. However, the road was not closed. The traffic wasn’t slowing either. As I drove closer to the smoke, I wondered if I was going to have to turn around and find an alternate route. As I came around one bend in the road, I could see the fire. It appeared to be up in the mountain, on both sides of the freeway. In the darkness, the contrast of the fire on the mountain was mesmerizing. It seemed as though I was driving through fire.

I was driving down the freeway and the question crossed my mind: Should I turn back? Am I willing to keep driving, even if it is through fire? Will I make it?

What is worth driving through fire?

I’ve had a week to consider this question. What in my life is worth driving through fire to get to? Luckily, this fire is figurative most of the time. But we are often faced with trials that seem as daunting as fire when we try to reach our goals.

The goals you are striving for should matter to you. Do they matter enough to make them a priority even when times get tough? I’ve been evaluating some of my goals and I hope you do too.


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    I get your point about goals, especially since I have some daily ones to work through my recovery. However I also wanted to publicly thank you for literally driving through fire to come to help take care of me. It was a wonderful gift of time and sacrifice and I appreciate it so very very much. I now have precious memories of trying to use humor to lessen the physical pain and mental confusion, support for your sister and wise words for big decisions we had to make, etc. Oh and of course a visit to Powells and Papa Haydn’s for the two of you!. I love you very much.

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