5th Annual Mother’s Retreat

This past weekend was our annual mother’s retreat. This year we had 9 ladies up for the weekend, and we stayed in a small cabin in Karney Lakes, Idaho. The view from the cabin was fabulous, but the weather was a bit chilly and we did have some rain. However, we were good company for one another and were cozy inside the cabin with a fire in the wood stove.

Each year at the retreat, we have several classes. This year, Emma Beck spoke to us about the roles of different family members in tribal community. She offered several ideas for how to strengthen our families, even though we do not currently live tribally. 2017 Mother's RetreatKat Taylor spoke to us about setting and reaching personal goals. Often, homeschooling mothers forget to keep some of their own goals and dreams while they are helping to build scholars.

Mother’s Retreat Book Discussions

Each year we have a book discussion up at the retreat and this year was Persuasion by Jane Austen. Our book discussions are always robust and this year was no exception. Personally, Persuasion is my favorite Austen because of the gentleness of Anne Elliot. I think she is a unique main character in that she is a kind and also intelligent young woman.

A new activity we experienced this year was prepared by Kat Taylor. She brought a book to the retreat and divided it up among us to each read a small portion. Then on Saturday morning we summarized or read our portion to the group before discussing it. It was certainly a different way to discuss and share a book, and my heart hurt when Kat cut up the book to divide it up between us. I think we all learned a lot by sharing the book this way though.

I came back from the retreat feeling refreshed and renewed, and ready to give more to my family again. I love our annual retreat.


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