3 Books That Help You Achieve More

I am so excited to share 3 books with you that have helped me to achieve more. I especially love it when a book helps me put plans into action, make better decisions, or set amazing goals. These books can help you do just that.

The Compound Effect

After I read The Compound Effect several years ago, I made a rule for myself. I would no longer eat dessert on a day in which I hadn’t first exercised. This goal helped me create a regular habit of exercising daily. I knew it would, because I like dessert. I also typically need to get my exercising accomplished first thing in the morning if I’m going to get it done. So this rule for myself ensured that I would be motivated to exercise daily.

I recently reread The Compound Effect. Again, I was invigorated by ideas to help me achieve more. I love a book that I can return to for more inspiration!

The Law of Success

This book by Napolean Hill is older, but it is amazing. You will not regret getting it and reading it. The Law of Success is packed full of usable ideas. My biggest one: setting up a personal board of advisors. You can draw from the wisdom of leaders from history (and now!) with this tool. Be sure to check out this book. I found steps I could take immediately all throughout this one.

Leaders Eat Last

I included this book because it helped make decisions so much easier. I now evaluate whether to put my energy into someone else’s project based on the ideas from this book. After my first reading through, I looked at all of my commitments differently. I only choose to lead projects now if I am willing to eat last for them. I was also able to recognize some things I needed to change to improve some of my commitments.

Using Books to Help You Achieve More

It isn’t enough to simply read these books. They have to change your behaviors. And the great thing about these books is that you can start putting the tools they offer into place immediately. Any one of these three books will help you achieve more, but each one offers a unique perspective. I can’t pick a favorite!



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