2017 Treasure Valley Homeschool Conference Recap

It has been an entire week since the 2017 Treasure Valley Homeschool Conference and I am still so excited about how it turned out! Its going to take a couple of posts to cover it all, so this is part one of my conference recap. That photo up there at the top is of myself and Stacey Lytle, who keynoted for our youth. She also spoke with the adults and helped answer panel questions at the end of the day.

This photo is of myself, Tammy Ward, and Britton LaTulippe. Tammy was our keynote speaker for the adults. Britton was another of the amazing speakers we had presenting to us. It was a fabulous day and so many great insights and ideas about homeschooling were shared.

I could not have put on this conference without the help of many amazing and dedicated friends and my family. My husband, who was thankfully back from deployment in time to help with the conference, took charge of the lunch on the day of the conference. Corinne, my oldest daughter, introduced speakers in the youth classes and helped them stay on schedule while I had the privilege of doing the same in the parent room. My younger children helped with various odd jobs. I also want to offer a huge thank you to Emma Beck, for supporting the dream of this conference and providing lunch time entertainment in the form of her family band, Fiddle Express. Thank you to all my friends who helped out in ways big and small to make the day come together.

This is our second time putting on this conference, and I loved it. It means so much to me to bring together speakers and people who want and need to hear what they have to say. I love supporting my homeschool community in this way. I learned a few things after doing this whole thing last year, and I was able to make a few changes for this year that made it a better conference. My plan is to keep on making improvements as needed. I know that next year will be even better.

One of the things we did differently this year was to only have one class at a time for each group. This limited our speakers and allowed each person attending to hear all the speakers. I had a lot of people thank me for this decision because they didn’t have to choose between two amazing speakers. And, because my speaker list was shorter, I could be certain that every speaker was amazing.

All in all, it was a fabulous day. I’m sure next year will be even better.


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